Netflix was officially launched in Australia this week – the sunburnt country that was named the worst in terms of pirating Game of Thrones episodes in 2014. Last year, 200 000 Australians by-passed Netflix’s geo-blocking to access the U.S version. The launch in Australia will mean Australians now have legal access to the site for  $8.99 a month. However, due to copyright restrictions, the Australian version of Netflix will have 7,000 less titles available than its U.S counterpart.

Despite this, 60 per cent of University of Wollongong students polled by UOWTV Multimedia are still willing to pay for access rather than illegally pirating material for free. The Australian Netflix has three different pricing ranges: $8.99 for standard definition, $11.99 for high definition and use on up to two screens and $14.99 for up to four screens.

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