Awesome Drive’ Go-Kart track in Kembla Grange will play host to an exciting motorcycle racing event this October long weekend. The technical asphalt circuit creates the perfect setting for junior motorsport ‘MotoStars’.

MotoStars is the product of professional Moto GP rider Damian Cudlin, supported by rider training organisation ‘Stay Upright’. The new program aims to develop junior road racing, offering a six-round Australian series and jam-packed calendar of rider coaching and practice events nationwide.

This style of motorsport was brought to the area with the 2008 founding of the not-for-profit ‘NSW Supermoto Riders Club’. The unusual category is described by club vice president Darren Webb as a ‘Frankenstein mix of dirt bikes and road bikes’, that started as a 1960s rivalry to discover who was most talented of the two disciplines.

Webb, who has been involved with the organisation since its inception, has seen the struggles families face when it comes to the affordability of junior racing.

“There is a considerable investment in both time and money when involved in any motorsport… Supermoto is a good stepping stone into road racing for kids who already have a dirt bike and want to have a go… they are able to forge their road racing skills and experience”

Louise Khouri has experienced first-hand the benefits of having her children participating in MotoStars. Her sons, Thomas, 13, and Harry, 11, have been riding bikes since they could stand. Working their way from go-kart racing and entering in several dirt bike categories, the Khouri boys began Supermoto on their dirt bikes – the closest thing to road racing.

MotoStars offers a controlled category, allowing inexpensive bikes with restrictions on modifications to ensure equal opportunity for any young riders looking to compete.

Mrs Khouri said the program had aided the boy’s progression.

“[They] fell in love with Supermoto riding and MotoStars has been the perfect next level, allowing them to learn from professional racers who the boys get to watch on TV,” she said.

“The bikes are scaled down versions of what their idols race and now the boys are learning the same techniques.”

MotoStars offer an affordable and exciting way for kids to experience racing without breaking the bank. Sponsors have assisted the program in providing access to bike kits, hire equipment and scholarships for junior riders.

Round 5 of the MotoStars Road Racing series will feature at Kembla Grange over the October long weekend.