An investigation into a voice recording left by a pilot on the recent Germanwings crash has unveiled that he had been locked outside of the cockpit before the crash. Whether this was intentional or accidental remains unclear but it has left many unanswered questions in the story.


Audio from the flight has been described as no different from ordinary until one of the pilots leaves the cockpit and is unable to get in. He attempts to get the attention of the other pilot before trying to break the door down.


Conditions on the day where relatively clear and imposed no specific danger on the plane that crash landed with 150 people on board, including two Australians. At no point during the planes descent was there any communication made to traffic controllers including any kind of emergency signal or broadcast.


Little more information has been made public by investigators as assessment remains ongoing into the true nature of the crash and what was the key cause. Officials have stated it is still far too early to speculate on scenarios. Air crash investigation can often take several months to years before a case can be closed.