Prior to Monday April 4th 2016, Panama was known for its carnivals & stunning natural beauty.


However, type Panama into google now and you get the following:


  • Panama Paper
  • Panama Papers List
  • Panama Papers Australia
  • Panama Leak

The scandal has been everywhere since breaking, and rightfully so. We’re talking about the biggest data leak in human history.



For those who haven’t been following the story, here’s a short explanation video:




Amongst parlimentary officials resigning and celebrities being left red-faced, the fallout from the scandal has been swift and there has been a seismic reaction amongst both civilians and politicians in every country effected by the leak.



Straight away the ATO launched an investigation into over 800 Australian clients that were named as clients of Mossack Fonseca. Whilst there has been no official comment from Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, Labor MP Tanya Pliberseck didn’t miss her oppurtunity to have a go at her right wing counterparts.


The country hardest hit by the scandal (so far) has been Iceland, and their civilians are pretty pissed off.

After it was revealed that Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson had been hiding his wealth Icelanders took to the streets to protest.

This morning, the Prime Minister became the first of what is set to be a very large casualty ward, resigning and leaving the building as fast as he could…


Surprisingly, America had zero public officials named in the scandal. Something that many twitter users found …..interesting…..

The USA has still managed to make it about themselves however, with a report today claiming the scandal will be extremely beneficial for attacker of big business and man of the people Bernie Sanders (#feelthebern)


Whilst it has been revealed that Prime Minister David Cameron’s late father allegedly ran an offshore account that paid zero dollars in U.K tax for over 30 years, the PM has denied that he has any involvement in such activities. The Guardian reported that a number of high profile British personnel are amongst those who have offshore assets. Whilst no action has been taken by HM Revenue & Customs, both parties have called for an official investigation to be launched.


If you’re in China, you might not even know a leak has occurred, with the Government moving quickly to censor the topic and other related search terms online. Whilst the reaction from Chinese civilians is unknown, it has been revealed that a number of high profile leaders and their relatives are embroiled in the scandal, which makes for an interesting plot twist in the ever evolving narrative.

With over 11.5 million documents examined, it is fair to say that the information we have right now is just the tip of an enormous, data-filled iceberg.