The Nowra Golf Club opened its course this week for a trial period, and declared it would continue if the spread of COVID-19 eased and players practiced social distancing.

UOWTV chatted to Nowra senior golfer Bob Dunn about the importance of the game, bringing back a sense of normality in these times of uncertainty.

“It will be different for us blokes because the game is as much a social as it is physical, we usually talk all the way around and have an hour at the clubhouse with a beer,” Dunn said.

“Although we will have to keep all the distancing rules I think it’s a real positive to be back on the course this week.”

At this stage, the course will only be open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and players must book to play.

There have also been important measures put in place to ensure the safety of participants, such as no more than two players per game, no shaking hands and no talking in the car park.