A student-initiated arts festival has showcased the potential of the creative industry in Wollongong.

The Nothing to See Here festival, which ran from the 4th -6th of August, showcased the works of 38 students from the University of Wollongong across a number of disciplines, including journalism, performance, graphic design, digital media, visual art and creative writing.

The festival posed the question: ‘So what do you get from this?’.

Performance student and festival curator Breanne Hickey said the festival allowed students to explore the question and reveal the creative potential it held.

“The trigger allowed students, and everyone involved, to push the contemporary perspectives toward the Creative Arts industry,” Ms Hickey said.

“It also provided a really practical outlook to our degrees.”

Organisers said the festival was an opportunity for creative practitioners to network because it provided a platform for their works outside of the university curriculum structure.

Creative Arts student Zoe Ridgway said  is where the true significance of the festival lies.

“[The festival] gives the artists exposure and a chance to have our works shown as we’re all students and haven’t truly had the chance,” creative arts student Zoe Ridgway said.

“It can expand our connections outside of the university to other artists, and can involve the community in something fun and exciting with regard to art.”

The festival was well received, and the 150 people who attended over the three days exceeded expectations.

“We made a massive profit from the festival. It was definitely more than we expected,” Ms Hickey said.

Profit from the festival went to the School of Arts, English and Media at the university.

“It’s very important that the money goes back here as it feeds back into the courses, and will allow the faculty to be able to fund more of these festivals in the future,” Ms Hickey said.