Wollongong’s IPAC theatre in the arts precinct

Construction of a new council funded café for Wollongong’s Arts Precinct began yesterday.

Currently there is only one café in the IPAC centre and the new café is expected to enliven the arts precinct and provide a new place for city workers to enjoy their lunch.

“The new café will add to the great bunch of cafés that line both sides of Crown Street and also offer a pleasant opportunity for workers in east Crown Street to enjoy their lunch or a morning or afternoon tea in the arts precinct, says Wollongong City Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor John Dorahy

Council accepted a tender of $579,000 for the completion of the project which will include a small kitchen and serving are, tables and chairs inside and out and bifold doors to provide both indoor and outdoor dining opportunities.

The project is expected to be completed by August this year.

For more information you can contact Wollongong City Council’s Customer Sercive on (02) 4227111 or visit their website.