Illawarra residents are being encouraged to embrace relaxation and find their inner calm at the Nan Tien Temple’s Health and Wellbeing Market.

Whether it’s through free Tai Chi and meditation classes, vegan and vegetarian delicacies or eco-friendly handmade items, the market attracts those searching for peace and tranquillity.

Snazzy Tots stallholder Sue Tartaro, 58, said she enjoys the market’s atmosphere.

“This is my third stall here, and it’s a very pleasant place to come,” Ms Tartaro said.

“It’s nice people and the environment is beautiful.”

Some people have been attending the market since it first began and have seen how helpful it can be for people’s wellbeing.

Tea and Gather stall-holder Manda Bottomley, 36, focuses on the grounding experience her tea provides for her customers.

“The meditating process of making tea and enjoying it and everything is just such a beautiful experience, and it’s really grounding and lovely,” Ms Bottomley said.

“Getting a hug from a mug is such a lovely experience, and then if you’ve got people to share it with as well, that just adds to the level of experience.”

The majority of the people who run stalls at the Nan Tien Health and Wellbeing Market, do so either to promote their business, expand on their interests, or to help others.

Long-term FyreFaeri stallholder Jennifer Bult, 75, said she has had the stall since the markets’ inception.

“The Reverend came to me and asked me because she saw my glass beads and asked me would I come [to the market],” she said.

“I was a little apprehensive because for me this is a hobby, but it’s lovely here.”

Held at the Nan Tien Institute, the market takes place on the first Saturday of every month and contains over 25 stalls.