Australians aged 16-34 are the most likely to experience high levels of distress, according to the ABS, and as UOW students head into the last weeks of the Autumn session, they have been given the chance to take a breather.

Stress Less Week is a welcome reprieve from the load of assessments and looming exams that come at this time of year.

Macramé is an ancient textile art, recognisable by it’s knotting technique (as opposed to weaving or knitting), which can aid in the practice of mindfulness. The tactile nature of this art form can help creators focus on the present moment. The benefits of practising mindfulness include helping you to relax, concentrate and be more productive.

UOWTV reporter Stefanie Schultz attended today’s Macramé Workshop and spoke with UOW Pulse Wellness Program Lead, Jaimee Evans and macramé instructor Zoe Steele (Zo Knot) about how students can take a moment for themselves during this busy time.

Students are encouraged to take part in one of the many free mindfulness workshops available throughout the week.

Stress Less Week finishes up on Friday, 26 May.