Wollongong city council is urging local’s to stay alert as the annual magpie swooping season has begun. 

The iconic black and white Australian birds are well loved for their distinctive warble and lack of shyness. Often regarded as intelligent creatures these birds can be found befriending Aussies in their garden or even venturing into homes questing for food. 

Majority of the year these feathery friends remain civil, however from the months of August-October they begin nesting season where they become extremely territorial. 

While the female bird builds a nest for the young, the male bird is left to defend the territory from any possible invaders. 

Usually this aggression is aimed towards other magpies but if you are unlucky enough to pass by a family of magpies during nesting season you’ll see that they can be aggressively defensive. 

Residents should take extra care if passing by known magpie territory and if you fall victim to one of these terrifying aerial attacks you can report it to wollongong city council by calling (02) 4227 7111. 

Magpie Alert is a great way to report the location of a magpie attacks the website even includes a comment section where people can record their experiences and injuries one man saying,

“So anyhoo there I was just riding along in my own little world when – out of the middle of nowhere – a black and white rapscallion snuck up from behind and tried to kill me by viciously attacking my right ear. A single attack, but carefully planned, resulting in quite a bit of blood and one very sore ear.”

Angelina Raula interviewed local residents in wollongong to see what if they have had any experience in the seasonal magpie mayhem.