It’s not a sequel and (technically) not a remake; instead it’s being called a ‘reboot.’ Mad Max Fury Road hit cinemas today, almost 30 years after the original film. According to George Miller, director of the original and Fury Road, the films are “connected in spirit”.

Mad Max Fury Road will see Max, now played by Tom Hardy, and Furosia (Charlize Theron) make their way through the familiar post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Cars, contraptions and cream-painted actors took over Sydney Opera House yesterday to promote the release of the film in Australia. The public preview saw roads closed around the city, including the Cahill Expressway. The display drew a large crowd of onlookers and added to the already large hype around the movie’s release. reported an expectant $40 million debut for the movie. The original – filmed in Australia and starring Mel Gibson – made a gross profit of $8.7 million. The third, and most successful of the franchise, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, reached a top of $36.2 million.

Here’s a look at how successful other movie franchises and remakes have been over the years.