Australian comedian Luke Kidgell made UOW history last week with his latest comedy show gracing the UOW Great Hall stage for the first time — graduating from the limited seating in the UniBar where he performed in 2022. 

Kidgell proved once more why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Kidgell is currently the only comedian who has performed in the Uni Hall, which seats up to 1,000 people. If this is any indication, Kidgell’s ticket sales have doubled since last year.   

Kidgell performed two shows last week on Wednesday and Thursday with fans from all walks of life drawn to Kidgell’s relatable anecdotes, keen observations, and impeccable comedic timing. 

“Luke has a unique way of taking everyday situations and turning them into comedic gold,” remarked Ellia Wise, a fan leaving the show. “His storytelling of events is so detailed it’s like you are there at his funny life experiences”  

With Kidgell’s show growing, he has even helped jumpstart his former opening act, Blake Pavey, into his own national tour titled ‘Literally Dying’ — which he performed at the UniBar in March this year. This show presented itself as a special opportunity as mentioned by Blake, due to his medical condition, Cystic Fibrosis — a genetic condition which sees an increased mortality rate averaging only 50 years old. Both of the comedians’ fan bases have continued to increase with Kidgell’s viewership hitting up to 7.9 million and Blake’s 5.6 million views on singular TikTok videos. 

Kidgell continues his sold-out Happy Hour tour in Sydney. With his tour far from over, it’s clear that Kidgell is on a steady ascent, promising even bigger laughs and larger crowds in the future. As fans eagerly await each performance, one thing is certain: wherever Luke Kidgell takes the stage, a night of witty jokes is guaranteed.