Wollongong City Council is holding a free two-day workshop on how to eat healthy and eliminate food waste. The workshop is aimed at parents with young children, after research shows that every household in NSW wastes $1,000 per year on food. This waste ends up as landfill, and in the case of the Illawarra region, it goes into Whytes Gully. Methane gas is produced, which is potent for the environment.

The interactive workshop will be held by Illawarra resident Penny Hoswell, a mother of two, who will try to help parents understand food and how to get more for their money.

UOW reporter Shannon Kelleher delves further into the what the workshop is all about. Amelia Caddy will produce a video story on the benefits of growing your own food. She explores some local community gardens. Meanwhile, Jacob Evans is spending his time exploring the ways we can engage with nature.

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Photo Credit: Google Images