Planning is underway to upgrade Liverpool West Public School to cater to the fast-growing school age population of the area. The project proposes to deliver flexible learning spaces in new buildings as well as upgrades to core facilities.

Further planning will inform the size of the upgrade, extent of work, and any potential staging requirements, and take into consideration future student enrolment projections for LWPS. This upgrade is a part of a funding program from the NSW Government to commit $6.7 billion to public schools across the state.

Lucy Martin is the Principal of LWPS, and she emphasised the importance of these projects to accommodate for the future learning requirements of students and to support growth in the local economy.

“The school upgrade has been designed with the goal of fostering collaboration and community, featuring a mix of learning spaces that allow cooperation between classes and year groups,” Ms Martin said.

“Liverpool West Public School aims to deliver exceptional educational outcomes for students in an inclusive and flexible learning environment. With the aim to build a school that celebrates the diversity of our school community and nurtures a sense of belonging for all.”

The new facilities will contain 16 new flexible learning spaces with furniture that is easy to move and will feature rooms that can be joined together or opened out into a large, shared space, designed to work with different student group sizes and activities. The learning spaces will support innovation and the use of technology.

The upgrades will also consist of an improved covered outdoor learning area (COLA), four new special program rooms, and a new hall and library.

“Our school is focused on providing learning experiences that are engaging, foster leadership and social responsibility, and adapt to the learning styles and needs of our students”, Ms Martin said.

Mother of two Aarti Raj commented on the necessity of optimising school facilities and the importance of creating learning environments to encourage adequate student performance and well-being.

“Schools have a responsibility to do everything they can to promote a healthy learning environment for students and to help prioritise the well-being of students and staff members,” Mrs Raj said.

“The space also needs to consider the teachers and staff in the environment, not just the children. It needs to be an environment that is comfortable for teachers as well as being easy to supervise and easy to set up learning experiences for children.”

Ms Martin has also indicated plans to expand the school with new upgrades to create a new ‘kiss and drop’ area to improve their bus bay area, touted to be completed in early February. Both areas will be in operation later this year, when Stage 1 of the upgrade will be ready for the school to use.

“It’s so exciting, especially for the students and our whole school community, to see our new school being upgraded. We are very proud of our school, and we look forward to celebrating the completion of these works and moving into our new facilities,” Ms Martin said.