“Little J & Big Cuz live with their Nana and Old Dog. They love to explore the world through the gaps in Nanna’s back fence, and with the help from their teacher, Miss Chen, they are discovering more about their culture and the great things school has to offer!”

Little J and Big Cuz is the first animated Australian kids show featuring Aboriginal characters. It is a large step in closing the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous young people’s education.

The aim of the cartoon series is to get young Indigenous people learning and affirming their culture, relationships and way of life.

The cast includes renowned Indigenous actresses Deborah Mailman and Miranda Tapsall, who are both excited about what this means for young Aboriginals and are hopeful about returning to the studio for a second season.

“So kids, no matter whether they’re living in the city or the outback, it’s just great to have kids to see themselves represented in a way that’s relatable to them,” Deborah said.

The program premiers April 28, on NITV.