LGBTI people are reminding the community that bullying and harassment of people with diverse genders and sexualities has not disappeared.

It comes as Wollongong hosts the world premiere of Lost Boys, a new play exploring past incidents of homophobic violence, including former WIN TV newsreader Ross Warren.

Content Warning: this audio piece contains strong language.

Convenor of the UOW Young Greens, Joshua Bell, said whilst physical violence towards LGBTI people is less common than before, the community still faces other forms of harassment, such as refused entry to certain venues.

“I know that’s happened a few times to trans and gender-diverse people, because they don’t present in a way that people expect them to,” they said.

A 2015 survey by the Human Rights Commission suggested over seven in 10 LGBTI people had experienced violence, bullying or harassment.

Lost Boys premieres tonight at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre.