The start of June marks the beginning of pride month.

The annual event celebrates the LGBTQI community and its achievements.

For Australia, the annual tradition began in June 1978 when the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Community organised several events to draw attention to the discrimination the queer community faced.

The first Sydney Mardi Gras, June 1978. Source:

Illawarra drag queen Roxee Horror says it’s a time to both celebrate and to reflect.

“It’s a month where you can, like, you can unapologetically be yourself because that’s what it is about – it’s about pride and being proud of who you are,” Roxee Horror said.

“It was a lot more underground back in the day, whereas now we are out loud and proud. We are out loud and proud because of the people that came before us and fought those battles.”

Feature image source: Rosemary Ketchum / Pexels