The University of Wollongong’s prestigious social sciences and arts building is grappling with unstable Wi-Fi, hampering the smooth flow of academic activities.  

The Jillian Broadbent Building hosts many classes across various degrees but is commonly known as the arts and media hub. Located on the west end of the Wollongong campus, the Jillian Broadbent Building is home to the Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.

In recent months the reliability of the building’s digital infrastructure has come into question. Students and staff have expressed frustration over the ongoing connectivity issues, which are affecting their ability to conduct research, attend virtual lectures, and submit assignments on time. 

First year journalism student Matilda Smith said the connectivity issues are incredibly frustrating.

“I’ve missed important online lectures and had trouble submitting assignments due to the unreliable Wi-Fi. It’s impacting my academic performance,” Ms Smith said.

University students require a reliable internet connection as it plays a pivotal role in accessing research materials, uploading multimedia projects, and participating in online discussions.  

Faculty members have also voiced their concerns about the connectivity issues, citing disruptions to online lectures and difficulty accessing research materials. 

“Building 29 is a fantastic teaching space, but WiFi and mobile phone reception can be patchy, and that can be a problem when staff are trying to authenticate their access to academic platforms,” said journalism lecturer Dr Benjamin Ball.

“I’ve had a few comic moments when I’ve had to run from one side of the building to another, trying to find WiFi or reception on my phone, only to return to the computer where I’m trying to access a platform, and discover that the authentication has timed out,” Dr Ball said.

The University community eagerly await a permanent solution, hopeful that their digital disruptions will resolve so that students and faculty can once again engage in their academic pursuits without interruption.