A Sydney inventor is developing prototypes for two separate devices that are designed to help wildlife carers safely rescue Australian wildlife.

Nator Manufacturing owner Nicko de Cseuz has designed the CrittaCrib a pod that is able to stop native animals from going into shock by regulating their body temperature and air humidity inside the Crib.

Mr de Cseuz said the aim of his inventions was to improve on the current approach for rescuing wildlife, and to give the animals the best chance of survival.

“I think they deserve as much respect as humans when they are sick. The current methods of rescuing wildlife is a bit too relaxed in my opinion,” Mr de Cseuz said.

“I’m not saying that carers and rescuers are not skilled, it’s just that through innovation we can do better, if we have higher standards of equipment.

“I developed the pods to enable rescuers and carers of any skill level to feel confident in rescuing injured or sick wildlife.”

The invention is a breakthrough for wildlife carer, with the market for wildlife saving devices currently stagnant. Most carers use heat packs or hot water bottles to match the animals required temperatures as closely as they can.

A long-time client of Nator Manufacturing, Sue Bennett from Summer Hill, said she recommends Nator Manufacturing to other carers, as she appreciates that they have been designed with the needs of wildlife and wildlife carers in mind.

“It’s a great concept, the Pods are still to be tested, but it has been designed to meet the needs of an injured or orphaned animal and can also be compacted down to save space,” Ms Bennet said.

Mr de Cseuz said the expected release date for the Pods is the beginning of 2024, and to generate interest he will be contacting some larger wildlife organisation, after initially supplying some Pods to carers first.

“My goal is to have five CrittaCrib’s to distribute to carers and rescuers by the end of July this year, for product testing and valuable product feedback, but early next year I hope to start production on a small scale,” Mr de Cseuz said.

The development of the Pods comes after the success of Nator manufacturing’s first product, the Foliagenator, which is designed to wash, preserve and encourage the new growth on cut branches that are collected to feed rescued animals. So far 28 Foliagenators have been delivered and installed across Australia.

Feature image: Nicko de Cseuz with a koala joey after installing a Foliagenator.