A photography exhibition in Wollongong has focused attention on age discrimination. “Inspiring People of Warrigal” features older people in the community who want to inspire other seniors by tackling the ageism.

The exhibition is coordinated by Warrigala non-profit organisation that supports older people.

Warrigal CEO Mark Sewell said the exhibition hoped to tackle the stereotypes associated with the older generation.

“Along with these photos comes great achievement,” he said.

“People don’t know or understand the great stories they have in their lives. This exhibition shows an image about their great lives and all of the things they’ve achieved.”

Mr Sewell said Warrigal works to address societal issues facing the elderly, and there is a lot of work to be done.

“Sometimes they’re disregarded at the shops. Sales assistants might think that older people don’t have money, or they won’t buy anything,” Mr Sewell said.

“At meetings, people assume they don’t have intelligent questions. Sometimes people are just dismissive and disrespectful.

“It doesn’t take much, but if we do all we can do it will make a big difference. Just have a conversation with an older person and they will probably tell you something really interesting. They created the world we live in, after all.”