The Nan Tien Temple has launched an exhibition showcasing a collection of art by contemporary artists whose work incorporates one or more aspects of Buddhist teaching.

Inspired by Buddhism contains diverse works: some artists extend traditional iconography, some respond to particular texts, while others create pictorial paeans to the numinous and ineffable world beyond the tangible. Their work embodies not only their personal beliefs, but the attitudes and values of contemporary society.

Understanding Buddhist art is an essential part of understanding and analysing the influence of Buddhism from historical to modern times. While Buddhism is notable for its sacred texts and sutras, Buddhist art encapsulates Buddhist thought and makes it accessible to different cultures.

Having originated 2,500 years ago, the Buddha’s teachings have formed the core of the religion known as Buddhism. Over the centuries, Buddhism spread from India into all corners of Asia. As it spread, it transformed into a variety of beliefs and practices. The art forms it inspired are well represented in the Nan Tien Temple’s collection.

Inspired by Buddhism Exhibition
28 May – 24 June, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Nan Tien Temple, 180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley NSW