This week from the 7th to the 9th of October, the University of Wollongong’s student association WUSA is holding its elections for student representatives. These students will run the Tertangala, fund clubs and societies, advance new initiatives, and be the voice for students on campus. We asked the two WUSA tickets – Shake Up! and Quack FM – what their three central goals are if they are to be elected as our student reps:


Shake Up!

“We are a group made up of progressive students from all faculties, clubs and societies, whose overriding passion is to ensure that students are supported while they complete their Degrees.”


WUSA should be the voice of students that attend UOW

We should fight any attacks on students’ education by government or the University. Shake Up! believes that WUSA can and should be the loudest student body in opposition to the current plans to deregulate University fees. We know that deregulation will increase the cost of University degrees. Wollongong provides the chance for students from all backgrounds to ‘make a go of it’ and any attempt to take this away should be adamantly opposed.

WUSA should seek to financially support students in any way it can

We know that a significant amount of students struggle to find the money to pay for textbooks. In 2013, Shake Up! re-invigorated the WUSA Book Bank, a service that allows students to buy and sell second-hand textbooks. It has saved students over $50 000 in its lifetime. Shake Up! will ensure that this success of WUSA’s continues.

WUSA can also support student’s in other ways. One way is through cheap food on Campus

We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that many students skip it. WUSA can provide services to combat this. Shake Up! created the free breakfast, served every morning in the Office and is seeking to expand it in the coming year.

Quack FM

We are a group of students from various faculties and backgrounds determined to make a difference on campus. We are running in this election as we can best represent the students of UOW and provide the services that these students want and need.”


UOW digital radio station

QuackFM wants to start a Digital Radio Station that is run by students, with students, for students. A student-run digital radio station will benefit a wide-range of university students. The radio station will provide hands-on experience to journalism, media, communications, marketing, music and creative arts students. This station will provide much-needed exposure for local musicians and bands and will provide a platform to support our local music talent. The station will also create a way of advertising events and businesses on campus.

Free Lunches on the Lawn

QuackFM wants to reinstate free lunches on the lawn. This initiative, where students could come and receive a free sausage sandwich or veggie patty, was unfortunately discontinued and we want to bring it back. We understand that not all students can afford to buy lunch and we want to ensure that all students can get fed while on campus, even if it’s something as simple as a BBQ. We believe it is important for us to give back to the student population and it will also help to promote socialising on the lawn by encouraging students to use this space.

Funding UOW Club Events

QuackFM wants to see a vibrant, exciting university campus and we will fund club events to make this possible. Over the last year the University has seen an influx of clubs and societies affiliation, with the University now supporting over one hundred clubs and societies. We think that WUSA should support these clubs and societies with their events. These events are crucial to campus life as they provide a great space for students to escape studying, meet new people, and become engaged on campus. They allow individuals to socialise, be part of a new experience and they are especially important for exchange students to fully experience UOW and the region. However, often clubs and societies are unable to provide the best events due to limited funding. We hope to help these clubs and societies and ensure these events are able to be put on so that students are able to experience campus life to its fullest.