The Illawarra’s Short and Sweet Voices festival, which was supposed to open yesterday in Wollongong, has been cancelled.

The Voices Festival, new to the Illawarra region, was a vocal competition set to explore the talent and creativity of local choral performers, but a lack of participants has led to the cancelation.

Festival director Luke Berman expressed his disappointment, but promised there is more entertainment to come in future festivals.

“Unfortunately we did not get enough acts registered to run the Voices program, but we did run a cabaret program last Sunday, and this week we finished our 2nd week of theatre before we move into our end-of-season Gala Finals this week,” Mr. Berman said

UOW student Analiane Azucena has also expressed their disappointment for the dropped event, but remains optimistic for Short and Sweet’s other upcoming festivals.

“I was planning to see it with some friends, but yeah it’s really unfortunate that it’s been cancelled.”

“There is the 2023 theatre festival though, I’ll probably check that out instead,” Miss Azucena said.

The Short and Sweet’s Theatre festival held over the past two weeks, showcased 20 local theatre productions, and placed them in a competition where audience members and judges voted on the best play.

The theatre festival ended Saturday night with the winning plays advancing to the Gala finals held this weekend.

The Gala finals festival will include the organisation’s best performances and will be held at Bridge Street Theatre with tickets ranging from $27 – $32 per person.

More details on the Illawarra Short and Sweet events here