Local singers featured in a new song project released last week supporting the ‘Yes23’ campaign in the upcoming referendum.

The ‘Voice! Song Project’ involved over 700 singers from around the nation, including the Illawarra Union Singers, and has garnered widespread attention for its political ambitions.

Creator of the project and singer-songwriter Suze Pratten said that the ‘Voice! Song Project’ was created to inspire the new generation in the upcoming referendum.

“Back in 1967, my parent’s generation made a difference, and we can too,” Ms Pratten said.

“Eighty three per cent of Aboriginal people want this change, so who am I, as a non-Indigenous Australian, to deny that?”

Suze Pratten spoke about how the Voice! Song Project was formed into the campaign video

Despite the ongoing efforts of the ‘Yes’ campaign, support for the constitutional change continued to slide down in the opinion polling last month according to five major opinion polling organisations.

However, Ms Pratten said she still has hope for the referendum, and that it is the responsibility of non-Indigenous Australians to support Indigenous Australians at this time.

“I think the sheer number of people that are being mobilised to have conversations is quite remarkable, and I’m really, very encouraged by that,” she said.

“I think what’s so important about this referendum is that there is a permanent place for Indigenous Australians that is not at the whim of the government of the day as to whether it exists or not.”

Other artists such as John Farnham have also showed their support for the ‘yes’ vote. An advertisement featuring Farnham’s song ‘Your the Voice’ was launched last week by the Uluru Statement from the Heart group.

The ‘Voice! Song Project’ video and song by Suze Platten, featuring Stacy-Jane Etal is available on Facebook, Spotify and Youtube.