So after the latest budget was handed down last week it would seem there is a new trend sweeping the nation.

This trend goes right up there with wearing bucket hats or making 1000 second snapchat stories as the latest ‘cool thing to do’. So, what is this amazing trend you ask?

Well it’s protesting… All the cool kids protest these days.


So today I, Ben Mitchell will be helping you create the best protest sign, so the next time we all get up in arms, you will be the one on the front page of every news outlet in the nation.

Step one:

Much like your everyday school project, make sure to get a good sturdy piece of cardboard from your local Officeworks. This will make sure your sign doesn’t bend in an unfortunate gust of wind. Also get some glue sticks, some texta’s and maybe some crate paper, all depending on your artistic ability though.

Step two:

Now after you have your cardboard laid out its time to get designing. Make sure to write something witty and offensive, but not offensive enough to get your sign blurred. That’s immature and come on… think of the children. Puns are useful and if you can shoehorn your sign into a popular chant that is being shouted that day then you can slowly emerge as the star out of the wannabe’s.

sign two

Step three:

Now that the writing is set in metaphorical stone (unless you want to go all 10 commandants like and protest using stone slabs) it is time to throw in a funny picture of some pop-culture icon. Now this can’t be something for a niche audience and especially not something ‘that only 90’s kidz remember’ since usually thats just a modem or rubiks cube.

Throw in a Game of Thrones reference, Isn’t Godzilla is relevant again, Simpsons anyone? Even if you have to steal something off the internet, as Nike tells us ‘Just do it’.

sign three

Step four:

Ok, so you have your poster, you have you slogan, you are pretty much done. Now you might want to get a group together for the occasion, you might want to practice your disgruntled face and if you really want to go all out then dress as Tony Abbott…


Step five:

Photo-bomb everything. Follow a camera and jump in front of it like you’re a 15 year old girl at her first party.

It’s a fact, in order to be seen by the masses you need to become ‘that guy’.


So if you follow this guide you will eventually protest into the hearts of every Australian man and women. Live long and protest my fellow citizens.