Football clubs across Australia have seen an increased growth in female participation.can be attributed to an increase in support and participation in women’s football leagues. Associations, such as Football South Coast, have experienced a growth in support, media coverage, and participation in women’s football leagues, particularly in the juniors divisions. “It is exciting to see the growth” says Emi Skopal, Deputy Chairperson of the Women’s Council. “The boom is happening now, so we need to take action now and we need to work on that.”

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Sports reporter Dylan Arvela said football was traditionally male-dominated and “a bit of a boys club”. He hoped an effort to report and recognise more female football players would help minimise the gender imbalance for the next generation.

He said events, such as National Women in Football Week, provide an opportunity to recognise and celebrate female players and volunteers working at a grassroots level. The Australian Government has recognised the growth in support for women’s football, and is working with Football Federation Australia to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s Cup.