Tax the rich, real climate action, more support for mental health care and holding politicians to account were the policies declared Australian Greens candidates in Wollongong today.

Gathered outside the Wollongong City Council building, Greens candidates for the May 21 federal election said their policies would not leave anyone behind.

Greens candidate from Whitlam Jamie Dixon said it was time Australian resources were shared fairly.

“This Federal election is all about equity, it’s about equity of taxation, equity of health care, equity for education, equity for affordable housing,” Mr Dixon said.

The Greens have outlined a plan to tax the wealthy and provide $8 billion support to mental health services.

Greens senator candidate Dr Amanda Cohn said Australians were calling out for action to address climate change, a federal integrity commission and mental health and dental care on Medicare.

“We have a real possibility to implement these policies by getting the balance of power in the senate,” Dr Cohn said.

The past few years have seen devastating fires, floods for south coast and a global pandemic. The Greens’ candidate for Gilmore, Carmel MacCallum, said too many communities had been neglected by federal government.

“We are hoping the next Government will change, and we are looking forward to creating a better future for all of us, but of course that means everyone needs to get out and vote,” Ms McCallum said.

Ms McCallum said her party planned to improve education for all Australians through a policy that included free tertiary, free preschool and HECS debt waived.

“We would also like to walk with first nations people, that has to be done before Australia can move forward,” she said.

Greens candidate of Cunningham, Dylan Green, is one of the youngest candidates in this year’s election.

“This election I’m really trying to talk about climate change, housing affordability and really cleaning up politics,” Mr Green said.

He asked younger voters to make sure they were enrolled to vote and said their votes make a difference.