Hundreds of people gathered at “The Great Illawarra Walk” last weekend to raise money for The Denny Foundation, which assists Illawarra children and families in need.

In its ninth year, the Great Illawarra Walk managed to raise $60,000 and attracted over 300 people.

“We didn’t raise as much as last year, but we still did well, and next year I expect it to be bigger than ever,” coordinator Chris Lovatt said.

Committee member Ruth Lovatt said the 100-km walk has many social and health benefits, and it was an ideal way to exercise, raise money, and have fun.

“Walking is a nice, healthy activity,” Ruth said. “It’s also a nice community event and a great way to meet people. I would really love to see it grow next year and every other year after that,” she said.

To find out more about The Great Illawarra Walk visit their Facebook page.