Wollongong creatives spanning the disciplines of art, writing and music shared their skills at UOW’s Goodies Gallery last Friday.

Formed to expand the creative arts sphere at the university, the event provided a platform for local and other student artists to perform or submit their work.

Event organiser Cole Park believes there’s importance in uplifting creators from outside UOW arts courses.

“A lot of art in there isn’t from creative arts students, because we didn’t want to isolate it in this bubble that is the creative arts faculty,” Mr Park said.

The event provided an accessible entry point into Wollongong’s creative sector, with the public audience able to interact and network with artists and performers on exhibition.

Student artist and event organiser Madi Bush said intimate events such as the Goodies Gallery contribute to peer incentive and motivation in the arts space.

“I think it is good for us and the university as a whole to have the opportunity to understand different disciplines,” Miss Bush said.

“It’s inspirational to see other people put their art out there. It makes me sort of kick myself into gear and make some art as well.

“We get to interconnect with other artists, and learn some new ideas that you can put into your own work.”

Organised to hold a laid back atmosphere for attendees and those involved, the gallery was kept away from the main hustle and bustle of regular uni life, however still received significant foot traffic throughout its course.

Mr Park stressed the need to support fellow students and creators in start-up events such as these.

“If you’ve got friends making art, music or acting in theatre, just get out there. At the end of the day it really does mean the world to an artist, seeing the people they know and love getting involved with something,” Mr Park said.

Creative events such as the Goodies Gallery are held throughout the year on campus outlined on the university website, allowing students the experience of showcasing their artistry.