Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) members will give up beer, chocolate and coffee next month to raise awareness of climate change.

‘For the love of our future’ is a new, two-week campaign to help fund AYCC’s federal election and climate change projects.

AYCC members in Wollongong will give up the things they love now to ensure they will be there in years to come, and encourage people to consider the environment when they vote in the federal election later this year.

The youth organisation has called on the federal government to do more to protect the natural environment.

“Australia has to stop creating new coal mines. In order to keep our world under two degrees of warming, all the coal in the ground needs to stay in the ground,” AYCC member Eva Davis-Boermans said.

“Action needs to be taken to transfer our energy resources from coal and gas to things like renewable wind and solar energy.”

‘For the love of our future’ has over 1200 people and 71 teams registered to take part. The campaign has so far raised more than $10,000. The campaign will run April 11-24.