Illawarra writing duo and Wollongong University graduates Bradley Ward and Dane McFarlane have united to create a stage production.

Set in Wollongong, Fracture details the relationships between four friends who sit on the fringes of society. Dealing with issues such as drug use, sexual abuse, suicide and youth culture, the production takes the audience to dark places. Commenting on current events, that include the Martin Place Lindt café siege and American mass shootings, Fracture will turn viewers perspective of the world on their head. Driven to make locally-focused productions, the pair is happy to contribute to community theatre in the Illawarra.

The show had a one-month run at the Phoenix Theatre in Coniston, where many local and international plays have been performed. On the eve of the second last show, the cast and crew were excited to see their hard work pay off, but sad to see it end.