In our hectic, screen-filled world, a time and place to de-stress has become something of a rarity. Megan Sproats has created an environment for people to unwind. Cocoon Floatation opened in Figtree one and half years ago.

Ms Sproats said the business has helped hundreds of people find answers and healing.

The business is based around the use of sensory deprivation tanks.  Used for hour-long float sessions, the tanks contain 350kg of epsom salt dissolved in 10 inches of water. Ms Sproats said the process allows the user to be completely buoyant.  The water is maintained at skin temperature and the tank is completely void of light and sound, creating a sense of floating in nothingness.

“You’re completely deprived of any external information,” Ms Sproats said.

She said the salt contained in the tank also provides physical and emotional health benefits. Shonny Landmark recently started ‘floating’, and said he has already felt positive affects and planned to continue ‘floating’ to help with his sport.

Music provided by Cupe D’etat