There are plenty of ways to get to uni, but each mode of transport brings its own pros and cons…

The Free Buses
+ The 55A and 55C buses usually run every 10-20 minutes
+ They’re free!
You don’t know disappointment until a packed bus passes your stop without letting anyone on
Regular traffic problems around Wollongong can lead to buses running late

How to avoid the rush: get to the bus stop half an hour earlier than you were planning.

+ Ideal transport for you and your two favourite friends/acquaintances… or random you pick up on the way
+ Free parking!
– Traffic backlogs at peak times, with traffic easing when everyone stops going to early morning lectures (usually by week 3)

How to avoid the rush: organise a reliable group of people and car pool at the same time every week.

+ Usually reliable and on-time
  The cost of tickets can add up quickly
  Occasionally unexpected delays due to track work

How to avoid the rush: keep an eye on and @131500trains on Twitter for delay and track work announcements, and download an app to track trains in real-time.

+ Sometimes it’s just easier to travel alone
Be prepared to take out a loan to pay for parking
Not very environmentally friendly

How to avoid the rush: check Live Traffic NSW for traffic conditions in the area,  and check the Parking @ UOW site to see which

+ Environmentally friendly
+ Plenty of bike parking on campus
 Not a great mode of transport on rainy days
– Don’t be the guy riding in front of the traffic line in a 60km zone

How to avoid the rush: check for weather conditions the day before, and have a backup plan just in case!