International Hummus Day, held on May 13 each year is a celebration of all things hummus. First created in 2012 by Ben Lang to unite people all around the world with their mutual love for hummus, the day now has a social media following and events held internationally to recognise this esteemed dip.


In light of today’s festivities, here are five different ways to enjoy hummus.


1. Make mashed potato hummus waffles
Mashed potato hummus waffles are a unique way to deviate from the usual way hummus is consumed. It can be an easy gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian option for entertaining. Seriously, you won’t regret it. Check out this recipe for instructions on how to make these at home.


2. Spread hummus on your favourite bread
There are many different types of hummus out there, and many different types of bread. So why not take your favourite hummus and your favourite bread and pair the two to make an awesome toasty snack?


3. Make a healthy salad dressing
Had enough of balsamic vinegar, olive oil or traditional salad dressings? Try blending hummus with lemon and Dijon mustard to add some zing to your lunch. Check out an easy three step hummus salad dressing here.







4. Eat hummus with your favourite vegetables
Pair your favourite hummus (or make your own) with your favourite vegetables! Celery, carrot, broccoli or cucumber, the choice is yours and almost anything goes. This is a healthier way to enjoy your favourite dip.


5. Dip tortilla or pita chips in hummus
Hummus is a healthy alternative to other dip options. If you’re not into bread, but you’re looking for a quick dip fix, try hummus with tortilla or pita chips. You won’t be disappointed.


For many of us, it’s hard to resist any excuse to treat yourself to some hummus, so why not take the time today to make some homemade hummus? #hummusday


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