PCYC Liverpool will initiate the Fight 4 Youth Boxing Workshops in Liverpool as part of an intervention program for youth drug and substance abuse in early spring.

The Fight 4 Youth boxing workshops will aim to teach participants the fundamentals of boxing and will be primarily focused on increasing youth well-being through self-discipline, healthy eating, and exercise with guidance from qualified mentors and trainers, within a safe environment.

The founder of The Fight 4 Youth boxing workshops Mohammed Khan, said the attendants will improve and develop the required skills for self-confidence which plays a crucial role in assisting participants to shift focus from an addictive mindset to a healthier mindset.

“The Fight 4 Youth boxing workshops will provide participants with an abundance of opportunities to develop pivotal skills, including accuracy, focus, concentration, and all those things will help develop their sense of self-confidence. The workshops will require sheer devotion and concentration,” Khan said.

“There is a lack of environments and interventions appropriate for young people’s developmental and social needs”.

Mr Khan said the program aims to motivate young people to fight against any challenges and feel belonged.

“Young people need public spaces and opportunities where they can feel included, valued, and able to express themselves, adding, the purpose of the Fight 4 Youth workshops will empower young participants to fight against any difficulties or obstacles,” he said.

This program is about young people taking care of their physical and mental health. According to the Mental Health Foundation physical health problems significantly increase our risk of developing mental health problems.

Youth Counsellor, Lalita Smith said exercising helps reduce stress and exchange with euphoria.

“Many people relieve themselves of stress by exercising, pumping up their endorphins, and providing the body with a sense of euphoria that replaces stress,” she said.

Ms Smith said boxing is the primary sport that eases stress and anger, particularly among young people.

“Boxing is an ideal sport for the intervention of drug and substance abuse among young people. Anger and stress, are particularly massive problems faced by young people which could evoke long-term health effects if there isn’t a solution,” she said.

For more information about boxing programs and fitness in Liverpool for young people visit the PCYC website.