Sick and tired of sweating it out at the gym for exercise? Or never quite made it there in the first place. The Illawarra has a number of alternatives that work up a sweat and put a smile on your face. Michael, Kathleen and Aideen take a look.

Fun Runs in The Gong

Fun runs are popping up all over the Wollongong events calendar, and today UOWTV asks why. The Colour Run came to Wollongong last weekend, with more than 10 000 people taking part. This Sunday, the Mother’s Day Classic fun run will take place.

Audio by Michael DiFabrizio


Feel Alive – Skydive

Exercising doesn’t just have to take place in a gym; you can do it while jumping out of a plane. Multimedia Reporter Kathleen Ryan talks to Brooke Grundy from Skydive the Beach and Lim Koh about her sky dive experience.

Video by Kathleen Ryan


When it comes to high adrenaline activities, Skydive the Beach has it covered. Offering tandem skydives from Australia’s highest altitude (up to 15000ft) over North Wollongong beach, skydivers experience the ultimate adrenaline rush, free falling at over 200km/hr before floating for 5-7 minutes. Come take a closer look at the Skydive the Beach experience.

Photography by Aideen Weingarth