Shellharbour’s Enchanted Forest has been a big hit with residents this winter, as the event kicks off its second week at Blackbutt Forest.

The event has sold over 26,000 tickets since the opening night on May 19, with seven days still to go.

First aid worker Taylah Richards said the opening week had been busy with hundreds of families flocking through the gate.

“On Thursday night we had about a thousand people and I think Friday and Saturday night there was an estimated 3000-4000 people (expected), “Ms Richards said.

“It has been pretty good. There’s been a lot of families and a lot of kids.

“They’re all having fun with their lightsabres and walking around (looking at the lights).”

Customers can expect an immersive lightshow, coupled with a vibrant, interactive art installations, laser displays and holograms, all hosted by Shellharbour City Council in partnership with LaserVision.

Shellharbour resident Erin Mitchell said it was a pretty and unique experience, that was accessible to everyone.

“I really enjoyed it, I thought it was pretty,” Ms Mitchell said.

“I find it quite accessible for people who can’t take their families up to Sydney for Vivid.

“I think it will be a big hit if it were to come back next year.”

The event is being held to boost the Shellharbour’s tourism, and to offer a budget- friendly experience for residents.

It’s the first time the event has been held at Blackbutt Forest, and locals have voiced their positive support over social media.

“It’s really magical out here,” Ms Richards said

“It’s really worth the money.

“Been a really good experience to be working out here and see so many people out.”

The outdoor light show has been dubbed “Shellharbour’s Vivid” takes up a large portion of Blackbutt Forest, with the main centrepiece being a colourful tree called “The Narnia Tree” which has become an easy favourite with residents.

The event ends in June with locals such Ms Mitchell sad to see it go, but excited to see what next year brings.

“Yes, I hope to see a return” she said.

“But I hope if it comes back with a new theme

“It would be amazing to see a Christmas version or something similar next year.”

The state government pledge of $400,000 for Shellharbour’s Enchanted Forest over the next two years, is expected to enhance the appeal of the Illawarra region and increase local economic activity through increased tourism.