The Illawarra is an area rich in Indigenous culture, and its community continues to honour the Dharawal people who, more than 200 years ago, lit fires along to tell each other about an unusual object that was moving along the coastline. That object was Captain James Cook’s ship The Endeavour.

The Global Communicator’s Program, funded by SAF (Student Services & Amenities Fee), is a group of UNiversity of Wollongong students who are passionate about building intercultural friendships, forming cultural literacy and remaining global citizens. Although they value embracing the world’s cultures, first and foremost they stand for recognising and remembering Indigenous heritage and culture in Australia.

Student Support and Recruitment Advisor at Woolyungah Indigenous Centre Rochelle Morris said there are many benefits from celebrating Aboriginal heritage.

“It’s important not only for non-Aboriginal people to talk about Indigenous culture, but also for our young people taking back that pride,” she said.

As part of National Reconciliation Week (27 May-2 June), The Woolyungah Indigenous Centre will screen the film “Spear” at the Uni Hall, 31 May. The centre encourages everyone to attend the free event, to get involved, and to be proud of Illawarra’s Indigenous heritage.