Election 2022 Live Blog

Day 38 – Wednesday, May 18

LIVE – 12:30: Albanese promises transparency for $15 million national reconstruction fund

Anthony Albanese says Labor would create a similar model to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation model which has worked effectively. 

“They won’t be political decisions, they’ll be based upon a proper analysis,” Mr Albanese said.

Anthony Albanese promises transparency

LIVE – 12:30: Albanese: Scott Morrison “promising to change his personality”

Anthony Albanese takes aim at Scott Morrisons suggestion that he would change his personality to better appeal to Australians. 

“Scott Morrison, who has been in this government for nearly ten years, is telling Australia that’s not enough. He wants another term as Prime Minister – not because it’s a great deal for you.”

Anthony Albanese takes aim at Prime Minister Morrison

LIVE – 12:30: Albanese: “I want to lead a government that is worthy of our great nation”

Mr Albanese talks Labor’s policies for Saturday’s election. 

“I began this campaign outlining Labor’s plans to build a better future to boost wages, to help with the cost of living, make things here in Australia, strengthen Medicare, fix aged care, invest in the skills of our people and bring our country together. 

“As we near the end of this campaign, these promises remain central to Labor’s vision for Australia.”

Albanese outlined other Labor policies including better pay, cheaper childcare, expanding access to NBN, 24/7 nurses in aged care and more political accountability. 

 “A national reconstruction fund to revitalise local manufacturing and see that Australia makes things here again,” Mr Albanese added 

“And our powering Australia plan, that seizes the opportunities of climate action to create jobs and boost industry.”

Anthony Albanese addresses the National Press Club

LIVE – 12:30: Anthony Albanese press club address begins

Anthony Albanese is speaking at the National Press Club. 

The opposition leader has begun his address by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land and reconfirming Labor’s support for the Uluru statement from the heart.

“If an Australian Government can take up the invitation First Nations people have extended to us, an invitation that is so generous, it stands as an act of grace, it will help define our future as a more reconciled and more equal country”

LIVE – Twitter reactions to wage price index rise

Wages still lagging – It’s the first time since the ABS started collecting the wage price index in the late 1990s that inflation has out-paced wages growth for six consecutive quarters #auspol

— Emma Alberici (@albericie) May 18, 2022

wage price index dismal https://t.co/icofoRoHYN

— Rabee Tourky (@RabeeTourky) May 18, 2022

"It is the first time since the bureau started collecting the wage price index in the late 1990s that inflation has out-paced wages growth for six consecutive quarters."

— Goody HOW (@Mayella09476043) May 18, 2022

The government's trickle down economy claim when it comes to wages actually means that boards & CEOs allow the increase to trickle down to senior executives level.The class distinction has never been greater since federation.We need to change government's mindset vote independent

— P,fisher-jp (@pafisherjp) May 18, 2022

LIVE – 11:30: ABS releases wage price index data for March

The Australian Bureau of statistics has released the latest wage price index data for the March quarter. 

The wage price index rose by 0.7% which is an annual rise from 2.3% to 2.4%, this is slightly lower than the forecasted 2.5%

But with inflation at 5.1% and wage growth at 2.4% workers are essentially getting a pay cut as wage growth is not matching the rising cost of living.

The RBA will continue to increase interest rates to limit the impact of rising inflation.

Annual wage growth from 1998 to 2022 via Australian Bureau of Statistics

LIVE – ABS set to announce wage price index data

The latest wage price index figures are set to be released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics at 11:30am AEST.

These figures will likely shape the political conversation for the rest of the day as the figures are likely to show wages are trailing the cost of living.

With inflation now at 5.1 per cent Labor has backed a pay rise to match this inflation rate, saying that without this rise, inflation would effectively give a pay cut to those on minimum wage.

Prime Minister Morrison argues that Labor’s proposed policy would injure the economy and could send the economy into an inflationary spiral.

More to come at 11:30am.

LIVE – Albanese to address National Press Club

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese will address the National Press Club in Canberra at 12:30 AEST.

LIVE – Morrison on petrol prices

Drivers should expect a rise in fuel prices later this year. 

The PM stated he plans on ending the fuel excise reprieve. 

“What we will watch closely over this period of time is what continues to happen with petrol prices,” said Mr Morrison

“Now they actually fell a lot faster than we anticipated and those savings were passed through a lot more quickly by the big petrol companies and we appreciate that”. 

While recently the cost of petrol dropped down from 44 cents per litre to 22 cents this is due to end late September.

Morrison speaks on rise in petrol prices

LIVE – Morrison on housing price concern

The next question for the PM was on affordable housing, whether the proposed policy to allow the use of their superannuation will drive housing prices up. 

Morrison stated in response “There are many solutions that our government has put into place”. 

“300,000 Australians have been able to get into [their] own home directly because of the policies of our government. 

“You can actually save for your own home by putting the money in your super account which means your savings can grow faster”.


LIVE – Morrison: “Wages are going up because unemployment is coming down”.

The PM was asked about wage growth by a reporter. 

Morrison responded by stating “wages are going up, inflation is the challenge”. 

“Wages are going to go up because unemployment is coming down. 

“And unemployment has fallen to 4 per cent in this country 

“The way wages goes up is when you get unemployment down and get businesses that are able to earn more so they can afford and pay higher wages”.

Morrison speaking in Geelong

LIVE – 8:50: Scott Morrison is speaking in Geelong

The Prime Minister is campaigning in the seat of Corangamite. 

He is with the Liberal candidate for the electorate of Corangamite Stephanie Asher and senator Sarah Henderson. 

Day 31 – Wednesday, May 11

LIVE – 10:12: The leaders deliver their final pitches

Both leaders close out the debate with their final statements.

It was a relatively peaceful debate, with both leaders sticking to the time limit. In an interesting twist, the leaders were asked to say a few things that they admired about eachother. 

Morrison closes with a statment about how the economy will stay strong with his government, should he remain PM. 

Albanese continues to promise a better future with his government, promising changes and better opportunites for the country.


Morrison delivering his final pitch to voters

LIVE – 10:00: The West Australian editor asks her questions

The editor for The West Australian, Lanai Scarr, asks a few questions of her own before the leaders deliver their final pitches. 

Her questions address mining and carbon taxes, reducing emissions, free childcare and women’s equality. 

On mining and carbon tax, Morrison rules out the creation of a mining and carbon tax and states that his government will ensure that taxes will stay that way. Albanese also rules out the taxes, saying that he will work with Mark McGowan rather than Clive Palmer, who Morrison endorsed. 

On reducing emissions, Albanese says that his party has a plan that will ensure renewables will have access to the grid as well as a plan for electric vehicles. Morrison states his government is investing money into technology to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

On free childcare and women’s equality, Albanese says he has a plan for more afforable childcare and will adopt all 55 reccommendations of the Jenkins review into workplace safety. Morrison back his government to keep reducing the pay gap which has lessened over his term. 

West Australian editor Lanai Scarr asks her questions

LIVE – 9:10: The questions start to roll

The third leaders debate is underway with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese facing off for the last time before election day. 

On the debate agenda: whether workers deserve a payrise, the cost of living, the character of both leaders, national security, dealing with the emergence of minor parties and the development of an integrity commission.

On wages, Albanese wants to see a payrise equal to any inflation rises. Morrison also wants to see a payrise, but doesn’t agree that it should be equal to inflation rises.

On the cost of living, the PM backs his stong economy to continue to put downward pressure on rising inflation rates. Albanese backs productivity in the workforce to deal with inflation rises, which is key to his economic plan.

On the character of both leaders, Morrison attacks Albanese for being inexperienced, reckless and loose with economic policies. Albanese backs himself and lists the roles he has had in the Labor party, before attacking the PM’s fear campaigns and lack of action during his term.

On national security, Morrison slams the Labor government’s ideas to abolish temporary protection visas which he says will increase asylum seakers coming to Australia by boat. Albanese says he has the same position as the government when it comes to illegal immigration.

On the emergence of minor parties, Albanese says he wants to reinstate faith in the major parties and politics through an anti-corruption commision. Morrison says a vote for independants and minor parties will weaken the economy. 

On the creation of an integrity commission, Morrison says that all allogations that have come through his parliament have been sorted through his government. Albanese would like to see transparency in his government and calls for the creation of an independant integrity commission.

Albanese uses a prop to make his point for better wages

LIVE: The third and final debate

The third and final leaders debate between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese is on tonight, ten days out from election day. 

Will we see a firey debate like Sunday’s showdown? Will we see a winner?

The debate is live on Channel Seven, moderated by Mark Reily.

Showtime: the final leaders debate

PM makes $50m promise for recycling, clean energy

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised $50 million on recycling and clean energy projects led by the University of New South Wales and the University of Newcastle. 

“The recycling and clean energy trailblazer has already attracted $220 million, in addition to $50 of what we have put in,” Mr Morrison said in Newcastle today.

The UNSW and UoN will work with 27 industry partners in an attempt to make technological developments in solar, hydrogen, and storage.

“The University of New South Wales estimates it will support  1600 jobs over the next four years,” Mr Morrison said. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Albanese: “The difference between me and Scott Morrison”

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has been asked what he thought about Scott Morrison labelling him a “loose unit”. 

“People who have traditionally supported the Liberal party are walking away from the most divisive Prime Minister in modern history,” Mr Albanese said at a press conference today.

Earlier, Mr Morrison criticised Mr Albanese for his suggestion of a 5.1% wage increase for low wage earners. Mr Albanese stood by his comments, saying he was amazed that wage increases were not a bipartisan issue.

“This debate, specifically, is about whether people – who are earning far less than anyone in this press conference – these are people who are earning $20.30 an hour, whether they should get one dollar more,” Mr Albanese said.


Greens candidates respond to alleged Liberal vandalism of election posters

Greens candidate for Cunningham Dylan Green has reacted to a tweet claiming young men dressed in Liberal memorabilia had trashed Greens signage promoting David Shoebridge’s senate candidate campaign.

“Stay classy Liberal Greens haters,” Mr Green said in a tweet.

The image depicted two young men dressed in what the photographer said appears to be Liberal clothing, with trashed Greens signage behind them. The image comes via Stephanie Carrick’s Twitter account where she claimed these two men were ripping down and littering David Shoebridge posters for the Greens.

Mr Shoebridge responded on Twitter saying: “When your opponents sink to these lows you know you have them rightly troubled.”


Scott Morrison calls Albanese a ‘Loose unit’ over minimum wage claims.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison slammed Labor leader Anthony Albanese for his support of a 5.1% minimum wage increase.

 “What he said yesterday, it is like throwing fuel on the fire of rising interest rates and rising cost of living” Mr Morrison said. 

Albanese announced on Tuesday that if he wins the election, Labor would make a submission to the Fair Work Commission’s annual wage review. 


Day 29 – Monday, May 9

1.09pm Australians starting to focus, says Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australians are starting to focus on the key issues of the 2022 election.

Speaking in Nowra today, the Prime Minister said the election was about experience.

“It’s a choice between strength and a strong economy and a weaker one under Labor,” Mr Morrison said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Gilmore

1.01pm Morrison says Albanese can’t make wages go up

Scott Morrison says Labor leader Anthony Albanese has acknowledged he can’t make wages go up.

The Prime Minister said lower unemployment was the only thing that could deliver higher wages.

“Anthony Albanese has no magic wand,” Mr Morrison said at his press conference in the marginal seat of Gilmore today.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Gilmore

12.53pm Morrison dismisses criticism of debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected criticism of last night’s debate with Anthony Albanese and says the gender of the moderator had nothing to do with the repeated over-talking the party leaders did.

The debate was moderated by NIne’s 60 Minutes reporter Sarah Abo.


Scott Morrison in Yerriyong in the Shoalhaven

12.42pm PM returns to Gilmore

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is again in the marginal seat of Gilmore. The PM is announcing new defence purchases during in campaign visit to the Yerriyong, in the Shoalhaven.

He is campaigning with Andrew Constance, who wants to take Gilmore from the sitting Labor member Fiona Phillips. It is the second time Mr Morrison has been in Gilmore this campaign


PM Scott Morrison returns to Gilmore

Day 28 – Sunday, May 8

LIVE: 10:05pm – Closing pitches

After a heated discussion, Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese are now delivering their final pitches. 

Morrison continues to commit to a strong economy. He defends his plans for small businesses and investments into roads. He reinforces that his government knows how to run a strong economy. He says that voting for Labor would be a risk that Australia should not take.

Albanese promises that his government will take on issues that are happening right now, such as aged and child care, insecure work and climate change. He says that by looking at these issues as opportunities under a Labor government, Australia will be better in the future.

Delivering their final pitches

LIVE: 9:40pm – The second half: back to the panel

We now head back to the panel, who is asking questions on the treatment of women, aged care issues, national security and Pacific stability, the pandemic and Australia’s COVID response, a potential hung parliament and the access to free to air sport. 

Scott Morrison reinforces how his government is pledging support to families trying for babies on IVF. Anthony Albanese has had defend his reasons why he is not investigating bullying allagations in his party after the passing of the late senator, Kimberly Kitching.

Morrison has had to defend his government’s response to aged care issues as he is asked why aged care issues were found from 9 years of coalition government. Albanese comments on how he wants to see better pay and contribution for nurses in aged care. 

He backs the position of the government and what his government will do to respond to pacific issues, such as China’s influence in the pacific. Albanese has been forced to explain how seriously his government will take the threat of China in the pacific.

Scott was asked to defend his pandemic response, including vaccine’s and citizen arrival caps. Anthony has criticised the government’s pandemic response saying they should’ve acted quicker. 

Morrison has addressed his stance on who he will back if there is a hung parliament and  has criticised the opposition on their reviews into free to air sport. Albanese states that he wants to win parliament on his own merit, without the need for negotiation with independants or smaller parties if the election ends up with a hung parliament. Anthony has promised a review on free to air sport. 

A firey argument ensues over national security

LIVE: 9:30pm – Leaders question each other

Time for the leaders to ask each other some questions. Each leader is allowed to ask two questions to each other.

Anthony Albanese starts off, questioning Scott Morrison about his vaccine response earlier this year. Scott has defended his response saying that even though there were challenges early on, Australia has ended up as with one of the highest vaccinaton rates globally. 

The PM questions Albanese about how he has changed his mind on various Labor policies. The opposition leader replies by saying he will support policies when he creates them, not when others do.

Anthony’s second question is on the minimum wage, as he asks Scott whether he thinks if all Australian workers should be paid at least the minimum wage. Morrison replies that it depends on if they are running a business or not. 

Scott’s next question to Albanese is on the help to buy scheme and whether Australians will have to pay back any money they borrow through the scheme. Albanese has defended the scheme and says there will be flexibility in situations. 

Scott Morrison questions Anthony Albanese over his ‘Help to Buy’ scheme

LIVE: 9:00pm – The first half: asking the starting questions

Both leaders were asked questions from the panel. On the menu, the cost of living, rising interest rates, wages and power prices, the current national economy, their policies about young people and the character of both leaders. 

Scott Morrison recognises the reasons for the rising cost of living and defends the current economy, saying we are in a good space globally as one of nine countries to keep a AAA credit rating. Anthony Albanese has defended his stance on cost of living, defending his governments stance on cheaper childcare and cheaper pharmacueticals to ease the cost of living.

Scott Morrison says that Australia is in a good space with interest rate rises and that Australia is doing better than other countries around the globe. Anthony Albanese states that his economic plan will deal with any interest rate rises.

Scott Morrison says that Australia’s economy is strong and will remain that way if the government stays the same. Anthony Albanese comes under fire as he continues to match the governments economy commitments, despite his constant criticism of the government’s plan. 

Scott Morrison says creating jobs for young people will be a priority and that an increase in employment will ease the pressure young people face today. Anthony Albanese says his increased investments in social housing and plans for emergency housing and help to buy scheme will help young people find homes. 

Both leaders have had to defend their character of themselves and their parties. Albanese states he has seen corruption in the NSW Labor and backs the creation of the ICAC to restore faith in governments. Scott Morrison has also had to defend his character as he is questioned about colleague comments saying he is a hypocrite. Morrison states he has not seen any corruption in his government. 

Both leaders are asked questions by the panel

LIVE: 8:45pm – Kick off for the second debate

The debate begins between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese both delievering their 90 second opening statements.

The debate is live on channel 9, moderated by Sarah Abo. The panel is made up of David Crowe, Deborah Knight and Chris Ulhmann

Showtime: who will perform best in the second debate?

LIVE: The second federal debate on tonight

The second debate between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is on tonight, just before pre-polling opens tomorrow.

Follow along for all of the highlights from tonight’s action. 

Showtime: who will perform best in the second debate?

Day 23 – Tuesday, May 3

Community batteries in the Illawarra

Labor has announced two community batteries will be placed in the Illawarra if elected. 

The shared batteries will be installed in the Dapto and Warrawong communities. 

Solar-powered households in these communities will be able to feed power into the battery during the day and draw from it at night. 

The batteries will cut electricity bills, emissions, and reduce pressure on the grid.

“The Illawarra is right up there with one of the most important energy regions in the country,” Labor Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen said at the UOW Innovation Campus today. 

Labor’s ‘Power to the People’ community battery plan will see 400 community batteries installed across the country. 

The plan will cost $200 million to implement and each battery will cost an estimated half a million dollars.


ALP candidate and Whitlam incumbent Stephen Jones, ALP Cunningham candidate Alison Byrnes and Labor Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen.

Day 20 – Saturday, April 30

ALP commits to ‘Robodebt’ royal commission

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has declared a federal government led by him would deliver a royal commission into the controversial ‘Robodebt’ scheme.

The scheme was ruled unlawful in 2019 and Albanese today branded it a “human tragedy”.

A $1.2b settlement was reached between the government and Robodebt victims and a Labor government would empower the royal commission to discover who was responsible for the scheme and its implementation.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has responded and said the Robodebt issues had been addressed and compensation payments were made.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese
Labor leader Anthony Albanese. Image: Nine

Day 17 – Wednesday, April 27

Frydenberg talks inflation and wages

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has addressed the rising costs of living in Australia in a press release earlier today. He has said that they are expecting to see inflation decrease, and wages increase.

“In a tight labour market, employers are competing for workers and that will put upward pressure on wages,” he said.

“The expectation in the Budget was that inflation would then come down to 3% in the next year on wages would increase to 3.25%. What we are seeing now at a time of great international volatility is the impact of the war in Ukraine.”

Inflation is currently at 5.1% (this is high). The most recent annual wage growth increase was 2.3%.

Frydenberg said the recent cut to the fuel tax was not included in the latest inflation figures.

“What these numbers do not take into account, the full effect of, is the halving of the fuel excise,” he said.

From Josh Frydenberg’s Twitter account.

PM questioned about housing crisis

When probed with a question about what the Coalition will do to keep house prices affordable at a press release this morning, Scott Morrison did not reveal any new initiatives for further housing support.

The Prime Minister said that the existing Commonwealth Rental Assistance Scheme would be available for people in regional areas and referred to the existing National Finance Housing and Investment Corporation as a means for community housing organisations to get funding.

Community housing organisations are not-for-profit organisations that reinvest their surplus revenue into new housing or improving existing properties, instead of giving dividends to shareholders.

“They [community housing organisations] can partner with the private sector, they can get access to finance, and they can develop affordable accommodation as part of the housing estates and apartment developments that are occurring all across the country,” Mr Morrison said.

Canavan claims Australia’s net zero plans are ‘dead’

Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has pronounced plans to bring Australia to zero emissions by 2050 “are all sort of dead“.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison first committed Australia to these plans in October last year, claiming it is possible for the amount of carbon dioxide Australia is removing from the atmosphere to match the amount it is emitting by 2050.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was quick to oppose Senator Canavan’s claims by stating they were personal claims, unsupported by the National and Liberal parties and the coalition.

Mr Morrison said he remains committed to his net zero plans.

Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

Day 10 – Wednesday, April 20

Phillips to officially launch Gilmore campaign

Labor’s Fiona Phillips will be joined in Nowra this morning by ALP Shadow Minister for Education Tanya Plibersek for the Gilmore incumbent’s formal campaign launch.

The launch will take place at Nowra’s historic School of Arts building. 


Member for Gilmore Fiona Phillips and Shadow Minister for Education Tanya Plibersek

Day 9 – Tuesday, April 19

Libs commit $40m to start Nowra bypass

Nowra is closer to having a highway bypass than ever before with the Coalition and Labor committing to fund preliminary aspects of the project.

A returned Coalition government will fund preliminary work on a Nowra bypass under a $40 million collaboration with the state government announced today. The announcement follows Labor’s commitment last week to fund a planning study for the bypass.

Liberal candidate for Gilmore Andrew Constance was joined by federal infrastructure minister Paul Fletcher in Nowra this morning to make the commitment.

The money would fund a business case, environmental assessments, and preliminary design works on the project.


What to expect from today’s campaigning

Well, the Easter break is over, it’s back to the campaign game for Scott Morrision and Anthony Albanese. 

The PM is in WA today, pitching his campaign to the mining and resource sector.

Meanwhile, the Labor leader is in Queensland, announcing $38 million for disaster relief.

Day 4 – Thursday, April 14

3pm – PM cancels rest of campaign day after security vehicle crashes in Tasmania

The Prime Minister has called an early end to camping events today after a car crash that involved his security detail.

Two federal police and two Tasmanian police officers were injured when the car they were travelling in behind the Prime Minister rolled near Elizabeth Town in northern Tasmania.

Another car, a Mitsubishi Triton, was involved in the incident.

Tasmanian Police said: “… the Triton has collided with the rear of the police vehicle while attempting to merge”.

Tasmania Police investigating crash involving PM security vehicle

Labor commits $5 million to fund Nowra bypass study

Incumbent Member for Gilmore Fiona Phillips and Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Catherine King have announced a Labor government will put $5 million into preliminary work on a Nowra bypass.

The ALP says it will invest in the construction of the Nowra bypass, with the $5 million would go toward Phase 1 on the bypass which would complete planning studies and pave the way for construction to begin.

“As locals, we know that a Nowra bypass is desperately needed,” Ms Phillips said in a statement.

“A bypass will help ease traffic congestion, improve the livability and workability of Nowra and the region, helping small businesses, tourist providers and local jobs.”

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Catherine King and incumbent Member for Gilmore Fiona Phillips. Image via Fiona Phillips (Facebook)

Adam Bandt visits Port Kembla to talk green steel

The leader of The Greens party, Adam Bandt, visited Port Kembla today, as part of his 500 million dollar announcement to fast-track research into coal-less, greener steelmaking. 

It’s all part of his plan to help the steel industry lower their emissions and move away from fossil fuels.

“If any area knows steelmaking, its here in the Illawarra”.

Check out the full story by Sam Lefoe on our website.

Adam Bandt (left) joined by David Shoebridge (centre) and Dylan Green (right)

10:23am – PM responds to congestion at major national airports

Scott Morrison has commented on how busy airports are around the country, saying it is not a suprise to see long lines as the country starts to open up again.

“There’s going to be some set-backs as the staff come back in and the systems build back up again. I just ask people to show some patience”. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

10:19am – PM’s responds to Albanese’s comments on the creation of an integrity commission

The PM has repsonded to the comments made by Anthony Albanese on why Morrison hasn’t created an integrity commission, claiming the PM is protecting people on his front bench.

“Anthony, having a crack at me is not a substitute for not having an economic plan and not knowing what is going on in the economy”. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

10:11am – PM’s priorities are focused on jobs, jobs and more jobs

The PM was on the defensive after he was questioned by the press about what his priorities are, accused on failing to deliver on multiple issues, including the creation of an integrity commission and Tasmanian carparks.

“Let me tell you what my priorities are; jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.”

“My government will be focused on ensuring we secure our economic recovery with our economic plan that is creating the jobs. Our forestry announcement is important to that plan”.

“Our proposal on an intregrity commission is there. It’s clear, it’s detailed, it has been well thought through, it’s there to be supported. The Labor party’s policy is two pages”. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

10:00am – Scott Morrison comments on his failure to introduce a national integrity commission

Scott Morrison has had to defend his failure to create a national intregrity commission, despite promising he would establish one in his last term. 

Reporters accused him of breaking his promise, however the PM was adamant this claim of a broken promise is untrue. 

“We put forward our proposal in detailed legislation and it has not been supported by the Labor party. I need bi-partisan support to put that in place, I am not going to introduce a kangaroo court”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

9:54am – Guy Barnett: “Wood is good”

The Tasmanian resources minister, Guy Barnett, backs the Tasmanian forestry industry investment, thanking the PM for his “vote of confidence”. 

“What we do know, is that wood is good”.

“It’s recycable, it’s sustainable, it’s renewable, it’s the ultimate renewable and in Tasmania that’s what we do and we do it well”.

Resource Minister Guy Barnett

9:50am – PM voices his support in dollar figures

Scott Morrison has announced “106.6 million to boost Australia’s forestry research and development capability”.

“That’s 100 million over five years that will establish an Australia-wide national institute for forestry products and innovation. That will include a central host hub, right here in Launceston”.

The new Tasmanian Premier, Jeremy Rockliff, welcomes the investment into Tasmanian forestry, stating it will boost regional and national economy while supporting job growth in the state. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

9:43am – Scott Morrison is holding a press conference in Launceston, Tasmania

The PM is in Launceston to announce his support to the forestry industry in Tasmania.

He is joined by new Tasmanian Premier, Jeremy Rockliff, Tasmanian Resource Minister, Guy Barnett and Member for Bass, Bridget Archer.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

9:32am – Meryl Swanson comments on the Newcastle airport

Member for Paterson, Meryl Swanson, has commented on the Newcastle airport upgrades. 

“We are going to have a terminal that will be fit to take the big planes. We’re going to be able to fly from Newcastle to Singapore, from Newcastle to New Zealand, from Newcastle to the west coast of America”.

“This is really exciting, Newcastle airport is taking off, literally and metaphorically”.

Member for Paterson Meryl Swanson

9:24am – Albanese: “We’ll turn boats back”

Albanese has stated that his government will turn back asylum seakers, should people smugglers try to take advantage of a new government.

“We will turn boats back. Turning boats back means that you don’t need offshore detention”

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

9:20am – Albanese addresses the unemployment rate

Anthony Albanese once again addresses the unemployment rate after being questioned whether the Coalition had passed the test regarding job rates during the lastest recession.

“I want to see the unemployment rate with a three in front of it. But I also look at the nature at how people are doing it. We had a debate about casualisation over the last couple of days”. 

“There are half a million people working three jobs or more. The truth is that what we need is secure work that provides enough income so that people can feed themselves and pay rent.”

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

9:15am – Labor candidate for Hunter Dan Repacholi announces his campaign plans

Dan Repacholi has joined Anthony Albanese to spruke his campaign for the Hunter region. On top of his agenda, the retention of jobs in the coal mining sector and the exporting of the region’s coal.

“We have so much to offer here in the Hunter. We’re going to continue to offer that and a Labor government will only make it stronger”.

Labor Candidate Dan Repacholi

9:12am – Albanese guarantees jobs will not be lost due to climate policies

When questioned by a reporter about job loss in the mining sector, the Labor leader guaranteed that jobs will not be lost under Labor’s climate policies.

“What we will do is have the safeguard mechanism that was established by Tony Abbott as part of the 2015 plan. BHP, Rio Tinto, Santos, they’ve all adopted net-zero by 2050. What the safeguard mechanism does is ensure there is a pathway to 2050”.

The climate policy in question will force businesses to buy carbon credits to offest emissions. 

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

9:10am – Albanese continues his focus on healthcare

The Labor leader continues to focus his campaign on healthcare services, outlining why his urgent care centres are needed. 

“What we find, because of the pressure that’s on EDs, is that if one of Dan’s daughters does fall over and sprain her ankle playing netball, or has an incident that needs care in a timely manner, they’re not waiting in ED clogging up emergency departments”

“That’s why this commitment is very important, for 50 of these urgent care centres to be located right around Australia. One of them is clearly needed here in the Hunter because of the pressure we have heard about this morning from frontline workers”.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

9:08am – Albanese is holding a press conference in Cessnock, New South Wales

Labor leader Anthony Albenese is in Cessnock, continuing his campaign for the Urgent Care Clinics he announced yesterday. These clinics will manage non-life threatening injuries, should his party win the election. 

He is joined by candidate for Hunter, Dan Repacholi and Member for Paterson, Meryl Swanson.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

Adam Bandt to visit the Illawarra to discuss green steel making

Leader of The Greens party, Adam Bandt, will be in Port Kembla to discuss the move away from fossil fuel in the region. 

Bandt has announced a 500 million dollar “green steel plan” to help the Illawarra in its coal exit. 

He will outline how the party will turn Port Kembla into a zero-emission steel facility, while continuing to support job creation in the steel making sector.

More to come.

Australia should be a nation that manufactures things again.

Tune in to ABC @BreakfastNews at 8:10 to hear more about the @Greens $500m plan to turn our country into a Green Steel powerhouse, live from Illawarra. pic.twitter.com/0GQzURCf7i

— Adam Bandt (@AdamBandt) April 13, 2022

Day 3 – Wednesday, April 13

12:58pm – Bandt answers National Press Club questions on Greens’ policies

“Our priorities are stop opening coal and gas mines, dental and mental health into Medicare, fix the housing affordability crisis and wipe student debt. They’re the things that would be at the top of the list,” Mr Bandt says.

Greens leader Adam Bandt

12:49pm – Bandt announces his plans to include dentistry cover under medicare

The Greens leader has announced his plans to include dentistry cover under Medicare. “When people are unable to go to the dentist, they present in emergency hospitals,” Mr Bandt says.

“Dental care must be universal. It is a human right.

“If you can’t afford to see a dentist today, you have to pay for a root canal tomorrow.

“Under the Greens plan you can go to any dentist and use your medicare card, just like at the GP.”

Greens leader Adam Bandt

12:46pm – Bandt says: “We’re not just facing a climate crisis, we’re facing an inequality crisis”

“Currently, the gap between rich and poor has never been wider,” Mr Bandt says.

“One in three big corporations pay no tax.

“Over three million people are living in poverty.

“We will introduce a tycoon tax to get the one in three corporations that currently don’t pay any tax at all and force them to hand over their excessive profits on anything that they make over $100m. And we will crack down on multinational tax avoidance. We will also end the billions in subsidies to fossil fuel industries which are not only trying to kill us, but they’re sending us an invoice.

“People deserve better.”

Greens leader Adam Bandt

12:32pm – Greens leader Adam Bandt is addressing the National Press Club

The Greens leader is announcing his policy which includes not opening new coal and gas mines in Australia. 

“People are being chased from their home by floods and fires. Our enemy is the climate crisis,” Mr Bandt says.

“Liberal and Labor talk of a policy of appeasement, but their weak 2030 targets will cook our country by more than three degrees. Liberal and Labor haven’t just given up, they are aiding the enemy by backing more coal and gas.

“They have blood on their hands.

“No more coal and gas.”

Adam Bandt addressing National Press Club

11:28am – Anthony Albanese is holding a press conference in Melbourne

The Labor Leader is announcing his policy to open 50 bulk-billed Urgent Care Clinics across the nation. Labor has allocated 135 million for the clinics and say the clinics will be bulk-billed.

“We need to look at ways in which we can keep people in the sector”

“Medicare is something that Labor will always strenghten. It’s no accident that on the first three days of this campaign I have had three health announcments. There will be more to come”.

Anthony Albanese at a Melbourne conference

10:37am – George Christensen announced as One Nation Senate candidate

Pauline Hanson has announced George Christensen will run on the senate ticket in the May 21 election for One Nation.

“I’m proud to see that George has joined One Nation’s team. I think that we can actually, as a team, have a big impact on policy in Queensland”.

One Nation senate candidate George Christensen

10:35am – Pauline Hanson has started a press conference in Brisbane, Queensland

The One Nation leader is announcing its senate candidates. They will have 151 candidates standing in the election.

She has been joined by George Christensen. 

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson

10:34am – Anthony Albanese, “I see heroes of the pandemic”

The Labor Leader has shown his support for nurses and health workers at a medicare rally in Melbourne. 

“Stonger healthcare is a pre-condition for a stronger economy. A proper system cannot be everything it can be until the hardworking health workers of this country have a proper partner in government”

“I look at you all here with me today and what I see are the faces of what has been the front line for the longest two years of Australian’s lives. I see heros of the pandemic.”   

Gallery: Labor MPs showing their support for the urgent clinic campaign.

10:32am – Anthony Albanese is speaking to health care workers in Melbourne, Victoria

The Labor Leader is officially launching his Medicare Urgent Care Clinics policy at a rally in Melbourne.

These clinics will be set up to treat those with non-life threatening injuries which will take the pressure of hospital emergency departments.

Mr Albanese will hold a media conference later today.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

Former LNP MP George Christensen to run for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

In a new twist, Former Liberal Nationals Party member George Christensen has announced that he will be running for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in the coming election.

Mr Christensen has backflipped on his orignal plans after he announced he would retire from politics at the May 21 election. He has held the regional Queensland seat of Dawson since 2010.

He has had his fair share of controversy, openly criticising pandemic restricitons and vaccine mandates.

Click here to read more.

Former LNP member George Christensen

Day 2 – Tuesday, April 12

12.45pm – Libs launch attack ads

Well that didn’t take long.

The Liberal Party has start to roll-out attack ads against Labor leader Anthony Albanese on the back of his stumble over unemployment figures and the Reserve Bank cash rate.

While Mr Albanese acknowledged and corrected the errors yesterday and followed that up with a lengthy “I was wrong” press conference this morning, his opponents have posted ads to Facebook and Instagram. 

11.44am – Albanese draws on the spirit of Uren in response to more questions about his unemployment figures gaff yesterday

The Labor leader is drawing ALP icon Tom Uren, who died in 2015, into the Day 2 mix.

“I made a mistake. I’m not trying to analyse it, I’m owning,” Mr Albanese says.

“If I make a mistake, I will own it. And people will draw their own contrasts …

“My mentor was Tom Uren, he was great Australia, former prisoner of war. I worked form him when he was a minister in the Hawke government, but he was also a minister in the Whitlam government.

“And Tom drummed into two things, one is you need to learn something new every day, and the second is you need to get better every day .. you have to grow as a person. That’s something I’ve taken to heart and it’s something I try to do every day. 

“Do I regret yesterday, yes. But, I’ve owned it.”

Labor leader Anthony Albanese
ALP icon Tom Uren (Pic via BBC)

11.24am – Albanese says PM needs to ‘do his day job’

The Labor leader has been asked to respond to the Prime Minister’s reported comments on the new Australia school curriculum and it the ‘risk of it being sold out to a left-wing agenda’.

“He needs to talk to the NSW Education Minister from the Liberal Party if he’s worried about that,” Mr Albanese says.

“This Prime Minister needs to do his day job. His day job is about things that he’s responsible for. Not look for wedges, and dividing Australia.

“This Prime Minister is always looking for the division.

“My role, I see, as someone who’s campaigning to be in a national leadership role is to unite the country. Not look for divisions.”


Labor leader Anthony Albanese

11.15am – Albanese moves to ‘shake off’ unemployment figure blunder

The Labor leader is again fielding questions about his mistake about unemployment figures.

“Yesterday I made a mistake and guess what, I fessed up to it,,” he says.

“Other people have made mistakes with numbers, even today. John Howard, I think, had a pretty clear comment about what he thought about it.

“My approach is – I fessed up, I took responsibility and that is what I will do.

“From time to time, whenever I make a mistake, I will own it and I will accept responsibility …

“But here’s a Taylor Swift comment for you. My theory is ‘shake it off’.”

Labor leader Anthony Albanese

11.04am – Anthony Albanese has started a press conference in Longford, Tasmania

The Labor Leader is launching a $31.3 million telehealth policy. He says the commitment underpins Labor’s commitment to Medicare.

He has been joined by Shadow Finance Minister Katy Gallagher.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese

10.47am – Morrison says getting people into jobs is important to ‘economic plan’

The Prime Minister has pointed to his government’s record on unemployment.getting a job changes lives in Australia.

“I’ll tell you the other thing that changes lives in this country, getting a job,” Mr Morrison says.

“You get a young person into a job in their early 20s and their risk of spending a lifetime on welfare … goes like that” – he gestures in a downward motion.

PM Scott Morrison

10.38am – Morrison hits out at Albanese over unemployment figure gaffe

The Prime Minister says he agrees with former Prime Minister John Howard and that people do make mistakes, but he says Anthony Albanese’s blunder on unemployment figures yesterday was too big to ignore.

The PM says Mr Albanese said the unemployment figure had a ‘5’ in front of it, “not even a ‘4’”, and he said that is a big mistake.

“I agree with John Howard in that leaders will not every every single figure right,, and that’s not really the issue here” Mr Morrison says.

“The issue is, there’s something Anthony Albanese should be apologising for, and it should be that he doesn’t have an economic plan.”

PM Scott Morrison

10.31am – Foreign Affairs Minister says investigations underway into claims of chemical weapons being used in Ukraine

Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne says there are reports this morning of chemical weapons being used by Russia in its war in Ukraine.

Senator Payne says the reports have not been confirmed and are being investigated, but says the use of chemical weapons, if proven, are another blatant and unforgivable breach of international law.

Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne

10.20am – Scott Morrison holding press conference in Parramatta

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has committed to 1.3 million new jobs in the next five years.

“We as a government have been able to deliver these essential services,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

He is joined by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne in the campaign stop.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Wong says Albanese got it wrong but he’s owned it

“I’ve seen lots of stumbles over the years from politicians from both sides,” Labor Senator Penny Wong told ABC News this morning.

“But look, Anthony should have remembered. He’s fronted up, unlike Scott Morrison. He’s owned the mistake. And he’s demonstrated what sort of a leader he is, when he makes a mistake he steps up and acknowledges it and takes responsibility.

“I would say leadership is about leadership, not about memory”

Labor Senator Penny Wong