“Dhikr is the Arabic word for remembrance, it is synonymous with the religious and devoted acts in which short phrases or prayers are repeatedly recited silently or aloud, and simultaneously counted on a string of beads, which are known as a sebha or tasbeeh.

These beads are found everywhere around my house and are always held by my parents. My mother has recently faced many struggles with the loss of two of her siblings; in the images you see her wearing black with her hands looking tired and delicate. This is then contrasted with the beautiful coloured beads, where she finds faith and peace.” – Eiman Al Ubudy

About: Eiman Al Ubudy is a visual artist, performance artist and poet graduating with a Bachelor of Creative Arts in 2014. Her work can be seen in this year’s Grad Show ‘MADE IT’ which will be on exhibition at the University of Wollongong until 11 December.

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