It’s almost that time of year again where we can shower our mothers in gifts, reminding them of how great they are and thanking them for all they’ve done for us over the years.

There’s loads of fun gift ideas out there that don’t have to break the bank: a nice candle, a recipe book, or even recreating a childhood photo of you and your siblings. What you probably shouldn’t do, is buy your mother a gift that reinforces the notion of her domestic responsibilities, at least that’s what Judy Hungerford told the Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday.

The back of the catalogue advertised vacuums, irons and kitchenware

“Is David Jones a tad out of touch?” she wrote. “In the latest DJ’s Mother’s Day Gift catalogue, they have a double page spread on vacuum cleaners, irons and ironing boards. Is there any woman out there who would like to be greeted on Mother’s Day with an ironing board? Is it 1950?”

UOWTV Multimedia reporter Lizzie Jack asked University of Wollongong management and gender expert Professor Marry Barrett is David Jones was “out of touch”.