A new experience is moving its way into the heart of Wollongong. ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ is an event where you can let loose and groove.

All you have to do is reserve your spot for free then turn up to Wollongong Town Hall and dance for 90 uninterrupted minutes. In return, the organisers ask that you pay what you feel is deserved once the show has finished.

Event organiser Tamara Campbell said it’s a way to understand what it’s like when people take time for themselves.

“The thing I hope people will get from it is a bit of time to hang out with themselves and enjoy what I think is a really natural thing,” she said.

“It’s really about people taking that hour or so for themselves, just come along. No one is going to tell you what to do, there are no rules.

“It’s you having some time to yourself, for some people it might be stress relief, for others it might be pure joy, and for some it’s freedom.”

The show is on tomorrow, Thursday, April 20, with three more shows coming in May.

‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ is a part of the MerrigongX annual artists program, which aims to ‘allows artists to take risks without worrying about financial, technical, or artistic resources’.

Long-time dancer, and dance teacher, Bonnie Brasier said dance allows people to move their bodies and forget about whatever is going on.

“It allows us to relate to something that someone else is going through or it allows us to have fun,” Ms Brasier said.

“I don’t know if it’s a chemical or something that gets released in our brains when we hear music but I for one know that it can help improve and change your mental state significantly.”

The ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ event is described as a place where attendees can dance for exercise, emotional release, time away from the real world, time to yourself, or a way to socialise with others that want to dance.

Registrations for the event will remain open until showtime at 6pm.