As cycling grows in popularity worldwide, University of Wollongong PhD student Lance Barrie, from the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER), has immersed himself in the two-wheeled subculture in order to better understand why people cycle.

With his research focused on the lived experience of cycling in Wollongong, Mr Barrie wants to start a discussion around negative attitudes towards the “cockroaches on wheels“, and create more cycling infrastructure and educational programs.

“Wollongong provides a nice area where cycling is increasing at the moment and Wollongong council currently has a Bike Management Plan which highlights the infrastructure needs of Wollongong,” Mr Barrie said.

“But there’s little about the user experience, about how people get around and how people experience the roads.

“So hopefully this research can help places like council address these needs.”

Simple Cycles Director David McGuinn said there is a lack of education on the rights of motorists and cyclists, and called on local councils to do more to encourage people to cycle.