Wollongong Writers’ Festival will run for a second year after securing a grant from community-funded organisation Culture Bank Wollongong.

The new funding will enable festival coordinator Chloe Higgins to book a venue and hire a designer to a build a website. These are crucial elements of an event designed to explore the modern challenges and opportunities presented to writers, while seeking to encourage networking, online digital presence, and the sharing of ideas.

Formerly known as the UOW Writers Festival, it first ran in November last year, and was Australia’s first student-run writers’ festival, aiming to celebrate the talent, ideas and success of local writers, alumni and current students.

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“Our region is constantly evolving in terms of creativity, and I really wanted to organise a festival that covered some of the areas the UOW Creative Writing degree doesn’t,” says Chloe. “Students are taught how to master their craft, but when it comes to the business side of things, there aren’t really any classes for that.”

Written by Aideen Weingarth and Kathleen Ryan