COVID-19 remains a problem for aged care facilities across New South Wales.  

New information collected by The Department of Health and Aged Care states that COVID cases are rising in aged care facilities as of January 2024. says that the new strains of COVID-19 may differ from the normal strain due to bypassing immunity and new disease severity. 

Anglicare recreational activity officer, Wendy Anne said that the new strain is problematic for aged care facilities with the elderly the most at risk. 

“Many older people I work with are still worried about contracting COVID-19″, said Mrs Anne. 

“I know many of them have already contracted it, but I’m even worried about the new strains affecting them. 

“I grow close to my patients here and I don’t want anything to happen to them.”

COVID halted the world in 2019, it wasn’t until mid-late 2021 that the sense of ‘normality’ resumed.

Many COVID-19 boosters were administered in January 2024 across Australia, possibly due to fears of new outbreaks.  

Mrs Anne has asked people not to attend aged care facilities if they feel unwell or knowing they have contracted the virus. 

“The residents here are enjoying the last years of their lives, I don’t think they deserve to be locked up in their room for week,s” said Mrs Anne.  

“There are many other ways you can contact your loved ones if you’re unwell, maybe you could bond by teaching them how to use zoom.”

Although COVID-19 isn’t as dangerous as it once was during its peak of 2019 – 2020, new strains could severely affect the older generations and their quality of life.  

Feature image source: RACGP