Moves are underway to make the University of Wollongong’s iconic duck ponds cleaner, greener and safer.

UOW Landscaping Services is addressing the potential of algal blooms and pollution, and the risk of people slipping into the ponds.

Landscaping officers are planting aquatic grasses at the ponds that they hope will act as natural filters, clean the water, and improve the look of the ponds.

“The nutrients go into the pond which creates the azola that covers the pond that creates a hazard of people walking on it, thinking it is a hard surface,” UOW Landscaping Services officer Mark Haining said.

UOW Landscaping Services is also carrying out work to level the banks of ponds to make them safer for children.

“With the Early Start building there are a lot more kids running around,” Mr Haining said.

“The danger is that one of them could fall in and not be able to get out because the banks are so steep.”