With no restaurants or pubs open for us to sit down and dine, there’s never been a better time to learn how to cook a real meal, not just canned soup or 2 minute noodles. With the help of these 5 YouTube channels, your culinary skills can be improved in no time.

Chef Billy Parisi

As a professional chef, Billy Parisi’s bi-weekly cooking videos are sure to help you achieve your goal of being a better cook. With his wide range of recipes, Parisi not only dives into how to make dishes from scratch but also explains the ingredient and technique choices, helping you feel more confident in the kitchen.


Alton Brown Pantry Raid

Alton Brown is an American chef well known for hosting Good Eats and Iron Chef US, but also for his unorthodox presenting style. Since isolation started he’s begun a series on his YouTube channel called “Pantry Raid” which focuses on him cooking up a dish from whatever he finds after raiding in pantry. The recipes range from cookies to jazzed-up popcorn and shows that isolation madness impacts celebrities as well.


Nicko’s Kitchen

With most videos under 3 minutes, Nicko’s Kitchen is probably one of the most to-the-point cooking channels on YouTube. The short and sweet recipes are simple but taste amazing. With recipes ranging from 3 Ingredient Thai Pumpkin Soup to Pop Tarts there’s something to cook for even the fussiest of eaters.


Nat’s What I Reckon

WARNING: These videos contain strong coarse language.

While not technically a chef, Aussie comedian Nat’s What I Reckon has released a series of cooking videos on how to “say no to jar sauce.” Nat began releasing the weekly videos after his most recent comedy tour was postponed due to coronavirus. He began cooking up sauces from Carbo-Rona Sauce to Quarantine Sauce and meals like The Crowd Goes Mild Curry. With each video under 5 minutes, they are entertaining and an easy way to learn how to make a meal without using ready made sauces.


Marion’s Kitchen

For those interested in Asian cooking, look no further than Marion’s kitchen. Presenter Marion Grasby is an author and competed in the second series of Masterchef Australia, so she definitely knows what she’s doing. Although the videos are longer than others in this list, it’s definitely worth paying the extra attention to the meals she creates.