The Canterbury-Bankstown Council has come under fire after a dog park took almost a decade to build.

The council began planning for the dog park in 2014 and conducted a public survey in 2015. The project was then put on hold until 2023 when construction began, and the park opened to the public.

Local dog owner, Karen McLennan said despite the massive time frame it took to build the dog park, the Virginius Reserve Dog Park is too small and does not compare to other dog parks in the area.

“It should be just as big or bigger, for a fence around some grass, nine years of work is ridiculous,” she said.

“It’s a nice dog park but compared to the Vale of Ah Dog Park in Milperra, which a large, open space, the new park doesn’t have separation for large and small dogs.

“I can’t believe it took nine years. I’d imagine another dog park initiative from the Council would take that long, which is terrible.

“My dogs might be dead by the time the new dog parks come out. Why don’t they make established park areas off-leash at certain times of the day?”

She said the lack of concern by council had left some residents questioning the efficiency and leadership abilities of elected council representatives.

She said the council should prioritise the creation and management of spaces for both pets and pet owners’ physical and mental health.