'His Boy Elroy' means business when it comes to International Burger Day...

‘His Boy Elroy’ means business when it comes to International Burger Day…

Burgers have been a crowd favourite for many years. However, with the growing trend of ‘foodies’ on social media, the concept of eating and creating a burger is becoming worldwide fascination.

Served on plates with a knife and fork, incorporating exotic ingredients like haloumi and fennel, and even switching a burger bun for lettuce leaves – it appears eating a burger is cool (again). However, don’t forget to take a photo of it.

Burger joints have popped up all over Wollongong, and some of the most favoured places are celebrating International Burger Day.

From ‘relay-style’ burger eating competitions, to giving out free freshly-made burgers, International Burger Day may just become a favourite for the yearly calendar in Wollongong.

Erin Ramsay investigates just how eating burgers are again a menu must.