There’s no doubt the beard has undergone a resurgence in public appreciation. Women and men everywhere are swooning over hairy-man faces – just ask science.

A study conducted last year by the University of New South Wales found that women prefer men with heavy stubble over the clean-shaven look, as it made them seem more mature and masculine.

One merry band of furry gentleman have dedicated their lives to perfecting their beard game through their music. Aptly named The Beards, they started writing beard-related songs to influence a change in society’s attitude towards beards. And with tunes like, ‘If Your Dad Doesn’t Have A Beard You’ve Got Two Mums’ and ‘You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man’ – it’s working.

The lads are about to release their fourth, and “most definitive” beard-themed album and embark on an extensive Australian tour, Beardraven – hitting the Unibar on June 6.

Beards are more than facial hair, they’re a lifestyle. To celebrate this hairy delicacy, we’re naming 7 of the best beards – in no particular order.



Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club and also labeled ‘most pretty’ by host Ellen Degeneres – Jared Leto is a beautiful man. Here he is with a sizeable beard and still managing to look fierce. Is there anything this man can’t do?



George Harrison_Beard6) George Harrison 

Every member of The Beatles upped their beard game in the second half of their career – but the late George Harrison owned it. “I Want To Hold Your Hand”? No, I want to hold your beard.



Matt Corby5) Matt Corby

As if he wasn’t already a dreamboat, Corbs left his Australian Idol days behind him the moment he let his facial hair, and music of course, run wild. Dat growl, dat beard.




When you think 80’s hair styles – think big. Rock band ZZ Top were no exception to this rule when it came to their beards, with the two front men Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill reppin’ the chest-long in all its glory. (Ironically the third band member who didn’t have a beard was named, Frank Beard.)



288552-94645-73) Salty Rain

You might have seen this eccentric character tear up the stage on Australia’s Got Talent with his own brand of interpretive dance. His beard is also groovin’ up a storm, check out those textural and tonal varieties.



2) Harley Morenstein

You may recognize this man over a hot stove of calories and food in heart-attack form on Epic Meal Time. It takes courage to dedicate your time to cooking and having a delicious beard – he even provides a comprehensive guide on how to shave properly.



  1) Costa Georgiadis

Costa’s Garden isn’t the only bush present on SBS. Legend has it that in order to trim this bad boy, Costa would need to utilize an industrial hedge trimmer. Bravo Costa, bravo.